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Adam Powell is a partner and the Executive Vice President of CIG Consulting.  Adam focuses on the operations and logistics of Project Management for CIG.  He's analytical and witty which makes him a very clever and amusing person. Adam is the type of guy that everyone wants on their team.

Adam grew up all over the south-east region of the US. As another true Bulldog, he attended the University of Georgia to pursue a degree in real estate.


Prior to CIG, he has a diverse background of over 15 years in real estate, development and project management having past served as the Regional Director for a land development group as well as leadership within a large global real estate services firm. Adam also actively managed one of the largest occupied renovations in the Atlanta area for Georgia Pacific, overseeing the full demolition and build-back of 520,000SF.

How he Operates
Adam is an outgoing and ambitious person who is rigidly organized and straight-forward. He approaches things in a logistical and analytical manner. Adam is skillful at finding solutions to complex problems and combating a clever plan to get through any challenge.

Adam loves to play golf whenever he can. When he is not on the golf course, he is likely enjoying quality time with his family.

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